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Young Navigator Star Award

The junior version of the National Navigation Award Scheme.

The Young Navigator Star Award represents a similar programme to the adult NNAS in encouraging the acquisition of map and compass skills but is specifically designed for the primary and secondary school age group. It is also designed to fit into National Curriculum areas such as PE, Geography and Maths. This junior scheme is designed so that the elements at each level of Bronze, Silver and Gold Star Awards can be completed either in the classroom, inside school grounds or in a local park.

The Young Navigator Star Award is open to young people of all levels of physical and mental ability including those with specific disabilities. This junior scheme simply needs a large scale map of the school area. Any teacher or youth leader can deliver these courses and awards, after registering with the NNAS.

The Gold Star Award in the junior scheme leads in to the Bronze NNAS Level in the main NNAS scheme. This allows a natural progression for older children to the main scheme and higher levels of navigation skills.

The NNAS presents this scheme with the support of the British Orienteering and Recta Compasses knowing that it will motivate children to develop lifelong skills in the use of map and compass and encourage more young people to enjoy outdoor sports and activities with safety and confidence.

Alternative Adventure can help you with the Junior Navigation Award. This could be through training of your staff or with our tutors delivering the scheme.  It could form part of your "learning outside the classroom" programme.

Young Navigator Star Award

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